add – organic Egg | sausage | avocado

MOM’S TOAST – buttered french bread, cinnamon sugar
AVOCADO TOAST – crushed avocado, herbs, sliced tomatoes, feta
HONEY BEE – buttered toast, cashew nut butter, sliced banana, honey
BISCUIT AND JAM – buttermilk biscuit, house jam
BISCUIT AND GRAVY – buttermilk biscuit, sausage gravy
EGG BURRITO – scrambled eggs, cheddar, house sausage, potatoes
BREAKFAST SANDWICH – ciabatta, aioli, egg, prosciutto, tomato, arugula, cheddar
HAPPY WAITRESS – two eggs your way, morning potatoes, toast, sausage
HASH – morning potatoes, red pepper, sweet onion, fried eggs, avocado, cheddar
SCRAMBLE – texas toast, soft scrambled eggs, onion & peppers, cheddar, arugula, tomatillo salsa
STEAK & EGGS – grass fed steak, two eggs, morning potatoes, toast
GRANOLA – yogurt, granola, honey, strawberries
OVERNIGHT OATS – steel oats, maple, oat milk, berries, sliced almonds, banana, blueberries



LITTLE STACK – two waffles, maple, whipped mascarpone, berries
DOUBLE BERRY – two blueberry baked waffles, strawberry jam , fresh berries
BANANA WAFFLES – two banana waffles, maple, sliced bananas, pecans, honey
THE BIG BOY – triple stack, maple, sausage, two eggs
ELVIS – double stack, bananas, cashew nut butter, chocolate ganache, pecans
BABY BEAR – single waffle, butter, maple


add – chicken | tuna salad | steak | avocado

CHOP – Tuscan kale, salami, tomatoes, pepperoncini, garbanzo, olives, provolone, radicchio
SPINACH – strawberries, cucumbers, shallots, goat cheese, walnuts, vinaigrette
COBB – grilled chicken, avocado, radicchio, tomato, cucumbers, red onion, blue cheese, house ranch
GREEK – tomato, red onion, cucumbers, dill, fetta, olives, vinaigrette
TUNA SALAD… Salad – greens, tomatoes, cucumber, olives, celery, red onion



GRILLED CHEESE – french bread, buttered toast, white cheddar, mixed greens salad
TUNA MELT – french bread, albacore salad, tomatoes, red onion, cheddar, mixed greens salad
STEAK SANDWICH – grass fed, white cheddar, tomatoes, fried egg, aioli, ciabatta, roasted shallot jam
GRILLED CHICKEN SAMMY – tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, provolone, aioli, ciabatta, mixed greens salad
CHICKEN QUESADILLA – cheddar, shredded chicken, red pepper, sweet onion, mixed greens salad
CHILI – wagyu beef, kidney, cannellini, tomatoes, cheddar, sweet onion | add noodles
MAC N’ CHEESE – big sis’s pasta, mixed cheese bechamel, buttered bread crumbs
THE BIG LEO – thin shaved pastrami, gruyere, house pickles, cabbage slaw, house sauce